Tutorials by iBrent is here! (mostly)

Tweet Well, I got the site up sooner than planned, but with fewer tutorials than I intended to start out with. I look forward to adding more to this list, and I intend on making a few more changes to the overall look and feel of the site. The next step is to get the flv player up and running, and get more tutorials out there. Thanks for being so patient! P.S. Happy fourth of July to my fellow Americans!

Countdown to Launch

Tweet So here I am early on Monday morning and realizing how much there is to get done with this website! I put the deadline of July 4 out there so I would force myself to get this done. I’ve been wanting to share what I’ve learned (and make good use of Camtasia Studio that I bought last year!), so with that I am setting an official time that this website will appear. Official Launch Time: 10:00pm MDT, July 4, 2006. Please keep in mind that this website is continually developing and so you may see things change a bit… Read more“Countdown to Launch”

Tutorials by iBrent coming soon

Tweet Hi and welcome to my blog. You may have noticed that the main website is not up yet, but I’ve started this blog now and expect to have the main site up and running soon. Over the next few days I will be customizing the look and feel of the blog as well as introduce new material as it becomes available. My goal with the blog and website is to offer video tutorials of my favorite software programs, specifically Flash, After Effects and others.