HTML5 – your “full web experience” by Steve Jobs and friends

The other day Steve Jobs wrote an open letter on, and listed his reasons for not supporting Flash on the iPhone OS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch). I’m not going to go into the many reasons why his opinion is extremely misinformed and that his posturing is purely political. But I do want to address this idea that HTML5 is the Flash alternative, and the only way to get the “full web experience“.

Here is a video I did showcasing some of the best HTML5 website experiences I could find, all on the iPad.

UPDATE: Holy Viral Videos Batman! I posted this at midnight Friday night (April 30th) and it’s already had over 20k views in two days!

As you can see, it’s terrible. Non of the sites work as the developers intended. The graphics are a joke, the game play non existent, and the video experience laughable. Now, running on a desktop machine, these examples work better, IF you use a browser that supports all of the HTML5 tags being used.

Just for kicks, I recorded this video showcasing the same HTMl5 sites on a Nexus One.

Some apps run better, and some even worse! My point is, HTML5 does not give a consistent user experience across devices. It doesn’t even give a consistent user experience across browsers!

Lucky for us, Android will be getting Flash Player 10.1 in June. Meanwhile, us developers (or is it we developers?) have to maintain multiple development environments in order to monetize our mobile apps across devices.


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