My Flex Portfolio

Awhile ago I bought the domain name As you can imagine, it’s to show off my Flex portfolio. =D

I went with a computer desktop theme and so it’s organized with “desktop” icons, and a taskbar and such. You can switch themes by right-clicking and choosing the custom context menu item. Feel free to ‘View source” as well to see how I implemented my design.

Currently it’s a work in progress, but I figure I’d get it out there, and force myself to get it finished. Anywho, feel free to check it out, and keep coming back as I update it.


Ask iBrent –> Free online Flash Q&A

Announcing the first ever “Ask iBrent” free online Flash Q&A session. The idea is to get a number of questions from anyone interested in Flash or Flex. I’ll spend about an hour responding to these questions with a live demonstration and code samples. It’s my way of giving back to the awesome Flash community. If this first session is a success, I’ll plan to do more in the future.

Be sure to check out my post over at GTAL here –> for more info. Please note that the free online meeting service I’m using only has room for 20 users, so be sure to add your question to the GTAL post in order to attend this free online session.


Respect the Caps…

If you ever find yourself creating registration forms where you allow users to create their own username, please make sure that when the data is saved to the database, that you respect the caps! What do I mean? Well, for the past 3 years I’ve gone by the username iBrent. That’s a lower-case i and an uppercase B. As you can guess, my first name is Brent. Since I’m a tech junkie, and a closet Apple fan-boy, I added the i to give my name a techie feel.

Lately, when I’ve registered for a few new forums, or software beta’s, I’ve used my moniker, iBrent. Some of the registration forms end up ignoring¬† the capitalization, and destroy my identity by changing it to ibrent, or even more absurd Ibrent! Forever will my username be spelled wrong on these forums.

So, just a suggestion to all you folks who work with registration forms, please, please, PLEASE, respect the captilization that people put in their usernames. After all it is their identity we’re talking about. =D

— iBrent