Online Game Sounds

In addition to being a computer geek, I’m also an avid composer/arranger. I’ve just launched a new site geared towards game developers called Online Game Sounds.

The idea is to offer high-quality, royalty-free music and sound effects. I’m still in the development stages, but be sure to check out the site, and answer a few questions about your game audio needs.


— iBrent

Captivate 4 + AIR = cool help system

So I got a copy of the new Adobe Captivate 4. Since video tutorials are my thing, I figured I should be aware of the tools of the trade. I’ve been using Camtasia on my PC, and iShowU on my Mac. Both of these are “Real-time” video capture programs, where they create video of everything you see and do. Captivate is a bit different. In addition to real-time video capture, it uses a system that takes screenshots and records the mouse clicks, keyboard input, and other interactions, and then produces an swf that relies on the Flash Player for distribution. (One new feature of C4 is the ability to export straight to .avi without using a swf to video converter).

The advantage of this mixture of screenshots, and real-time video, is a more interactive experience, as well as smaller file size. Since you are utilizing the Flash Player with Captivate, you can add all sorts of interactions. Camtasia has a number of similar functionality, though Captivate has the quiz and interaction part down to a science.

One gripe I’ve had with Adobe’s products has been their help systems. Since I own nearly the entire Adobe catalog, I’ve got help systems that range from your traditional CHM, to web based, and now with Captivate, they are using an AIR app. Each type of help has it’s advantages, and disadvantages. Currently with Flash CS4, I hate the fact that it loads in my browser, and doesn’t give me the ability to navigate like we did in Flash 8/CS3. I like the fact that we can use community contributed content in searching the help system, but there are times when I just want to go straight to the api, and find the class I need. Don’t make me wade through hundreds of blog posts in addition to the api documentation.

Anyway, I like the fact that Adobe is actually using it’s own technology to improve the help system. Go AIR! =D